Interdisciplinary artist


My work is explorative, since 2005 it has been inspired by my experiences during multiple travels throughout Asia...
and what one can, or has not imagined.

My process involves discovery, experimentation, recombination, and sharing.

Presenting different perspectives, it invites memories of place and mental spaces,
in part by creating systems in which allow for randomness, it investigates and presents possibilities of perception.

I have made drawings and paintings, collaborated, and exhibited during and after my travels.

The result of these investigations range from documentation to personal impressions

(wielding multiple perspectives and techniques through my personal filter, an autodidactic / idiosyncratic approach).
I also have made numerous audio recordings during travels, which have been shared in as various media, radio, and on the internet.

Alternating between visual art, sound, and music;  my exploratory output ranges from from the visual, listening, to combinations of both.


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